Adding Deck Lights a Simple Way to Enhance Outdoor Living

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(ARA) – The National Association of Home Builders says that in 2009 overall home improvement project budgets are shrinking, while low-cost improvements are growing in popularity with both resident homeowners and landlords who want to give their properties a little added boost.

One popular improvement is outdoor lighting, and today there are more options than ever. Deck lights, post lights and recessed lighting are easy to install and offer a low-cost upgrade that turns popular daytime spaces into usable evening entertainment space.

“Today the more practical the upgrade, the better, and lighting is an easy addition that creates instant function, ambiance, and value,” says Jay Savignac of Aurora Deck Lighting.

Whether you want to tackle deck lighting on your own or find a contractor to handle the job, a variety of styles are available to fit every budget. Visit for more outdoor lighting ideas.