Blending Historic Charm With Modern Convenience at Home

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(ARA) – Easily distinguishable from their contemporary counterparts, most older homes hold a notable grace and provenance. They have a look so inspiring that many of today’s home owners are attempting to capture this essence of the Old World when building new or remodeling their current home. The “Latest Revivals” trend seamlessly blends history with modern conveniences.

One way to capture the look of classic architecture is to work with ceramic tile, which also boasts supreme durability, sustainability and timeless beauty. Versatility in design, size, format and texture also allows it to be applied in some unexpected ways. Advanced technology allows for replicate finishes virtually indistinguishable from the real thing. You can achieve the look of wallpaper, wainscoting, wood, stone and textiles but with the durability and property advantages of tile. Both flooring and wall tiles do not show wear and do not require heavy cleaning.

Tile of Spain-branded manufacturers produce ceramic tile that can easily pass for marble but is more cost effective, resilient and easier to maintain. Peronda reinvents marble with the Clays and Symphony Collections. Terra cotta is a natural choice for spaces attempting to reflect bygone eras.

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