Can’t Sell? Wary of Being a Landlord? Try Corporate Housing Instead

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(ARA) – The housing market is making it hard for many homeowners to sell. Yet the alternative – becoming a landlord and renting out your house – isn’t always appealing. A growing number of savvy homeowners are pursuing a third option, renting out their homes as corporate housing. connects individual homeowners offering fully furnished short-term rentals with potential corporate housing renters.

“Many homeowners turn to the rental market without first researching the market and developing both a management and marketing plan. They quickly realize first-hand just how difficult it can be and how much competition is around,” says Kimberly Smith, the founder of “Offering your home to business travelers as furnished, temporary housing will set you apart from other rental properties, increase your monthly income, and help you to find the kind of renter you desire.”

“Corporate housing isn’t for the passive real estate investor. It takes dedication and investment from the homeowner,” she says. “But with the right location and right homeowner, it can be a much more lucrative proposition that enables a homeowner to make more money and attract an ongoing stream of high caliber tenants.”

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