How to Keep Kids Stylin’ and Sophisticated This Back-to-School Season

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(ARA) – American kids are learning from their parents this back to school season – about value, smart investing and getting the most for every dollar spent. Developing wise spending habits is a good thing for kids, but does it mean they have to sacrifice their sense of style as they head back to school?

Not necessarily, says children’s fashion expert, Jenny Cooper, head of J.Crew’s children’s line, called crewcuts, for ages 2 to 12. “It is possible to get great style, quality and durability at family-friendly prices,” Cooper says. “Parents should look at their children’s back-to-school wardrobe as an affordable investment, and follow a few basic rules when shopping.”

Look for sophisticated, classic styles rather than trendy clothes that may have less enduring appeal. Timeless style enables a wardrobe item to be usable and relevant for future seasons, whereas trendy togs are often “flash in the pan” items that may be cheaper and less durable.

Choose garments made of durable, quality materials that have great details. Don’t forget fit. “Fit should be consistent,” Cooper says, “so that items will look great and consistent across all ages. We want our jeans to look as amazing on a 10- or 12-year-old as they do on a 3- or 5-year-old.”

Build a wardrobe by mixing and matching key items. Don’t underestimate the importance of good shoes

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