Making Your Dining Decor Pop for Less

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(ARA) – As the economy took a downturn, dining out has been replaced with invitations to friends and family to dine in. While we’re looking for ways to cut spending and save money, we still want to keep our decor — in the kitchen and on the dinner table — fresh, modern and fun for every day and the occasional soiree.

There are several ways to wow party goers and stay within your budget. You can repurpose the plates you have or purchase a couple of inexpensive but key pieces like linens and silk flowers to create an entirely different look. Before you do anything, however, take stock. This season’s dining decorating trend may already be in your cupboards.

Consider adding a few pieces of lemongrass color to each place setting. If you already have chocolate- or ivory-colored china, mix in lemongrass-colored serving platters and bowls; the three-way color combo sets the stage for a metropolitan meal.

Don’t rely on a standard set of dishes to enhance the dining experience. The key is to mix different shapes — like round dinner plates with square bowls — as well as sizes, colors and patterns.

Fiesta Dinnerware recently introduced square dishes to its nearly 75-year-old signature circular design. The layering effect achieved when the two shapes are combined not only adds dimension, but a bit of playfulness to the setting.