Prepare Your House for Winter Weather

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(ARA) – With the winter weather slowly creeping in, it’s time to get your house ready for all the potential bad weather that can cause damage to your property.

Don’t wait until the first frost or snowfall to prepare your house for winter. Here is a checklist of items to help you make sure you’re ready for winter:

* Turn off and drain all of your outdoor plumbing.

* Clean the gutters of any debris. Also install gutter downspout extensions a minimum of four feet from the house for the winter months.

* Take a good look at the shingles. Make sure none are missing or curled up. Also check for signs of leaks – i.e., stains, cracks, damp spots – and make sure you seal the cracks.

* When ice and wind storms hit your home, you don’t want to be without power for very long. A Kohler standby generator runs on propane or natural gas and is connected to your home’s existing gas lines. A transfer switch monitors electrical activity coming into the home, and when that activity stops due to a power failure, the transfer switch kicks in – in as little as 10 seconds – and the generator has your power up and running again.