Fun with Lunch Boxes

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Kids are headed back to school all over the country and that means it’s time to send them off packing the right way. Since you can’t be with them the whole day, it’s nice to know you can still help them out at lunchtime. Packing lunches can be fun for both you and your children with these creative ideas suggested by…

1. While eating their breakfast, most kids love to do the puzzles, activities and games printed on the cereal box. Recreate this built-in fun by drawing a maze, game or puzzle on your child’s lunch bag. Slip a code inside the bag, which your little one can use to decipher a unique, personal message written on the outside.

2. Break out a few cookie cutters, and peanut butter and jelly is suddenly exciting. Cut sandwiches into any shape–numbers are particularly fun, and hearts are sweet.

3. It’s no secret that the toy hidden at the bottom of the box is the main reason children love fast-food kid’s meals. This magic can easily be recreated in school lunches.

4. If your child returns their lunch pail to you with untouched fruit and vegetables inside, get creative. Cut veggies into shapes, freeze bananas and grapes, and make kebabs out of thin slices of cucumber. Food dye can also be used to inject a little fun into colorless foods like pasta and rice.

5. Give your child something to look forward to after a long, hard day at school.
Include a picture or card that hints at a treat awaiting them at home.

6. Sack the brown bag for a reusable organic cotton lunch bag ($19) from Fluf.

7. Your little luncher’s milk money stays safe in a Mally Designs change purse ($13). The pint-size pockets are creatively crafted from remnants of the company’s leather bibs.

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