Summertime protection for mom and baby — inside and out

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8696_B49_rgb5(ARA) – Whether relaxing beachside on vacation, picnicking in the park or strolling through the neighborhood, warm weather offers many opportunities for outdoor fun. However, these activities can lead to dehydration, sunburn and fatigue if you’re not careful.

Protect yourself and your little one with these tips:

Practice sun protection — Use a baby-safe sunblock with a high SPF that has no artificial colors or unnecessary chemical additives.

Stay nourished — It is important to maintain your overall health, especially in the heat. Sufficient hydration is essential because a lack of fluids can cause heat exhaustion and improper digestion. For babies who are using infant formula, use Similac Advance EarlyShield which is specially designed to support your baby’s developing immune system. It’s the only formula that has the EarlyShield blend of prebiotics, nucleotides and antioxidants — nutrients found naturally in breast milk.

Refocus and recenter — Summertime is meant to be carefree. Allow yourself some alone time to unwind.

Rest up — Hot temperatures during the summer months can cause fatigue. Nap time is not just for your little one. Force yourself to drop chores and nap while the baby does.

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