Winter Blues in Your Backyard? Attracting Songbirds Livens Lackluster Landscapes

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(ARA) – The backyard can seem barren and bleak when the leaves fall off the trees and the last blooming plant retires until spring. But there’s an easy way to brighten your backyard and fill it with color and song this winter – charm songbirds looking for an easy, reliable food source.

Don’t wait until the snow flies to get feeders in place. Fall is a good time to choose a location visible from your favorite window, to secure feeders with sturdy brackets, poles or hangers and to arrange convenient storage for your seed and supplies.

Feeders come in many sizes and styles, and fall into a few broad categories. The three feeders every backyard bird lover should have include a tube feeder to hold sunflower or nut meats, a hopper feeder for mixed seed and a suet holder to attract woodpeckers and other tree trunk “clingers.” A “Clingers Only” feeder by Songbird Essentials serves smaller birds. And a Seed Hoop, a mesh tray that attaches below feeders, is an essential accessory to catch 90 percent of spilled seed.

New birdwatchers may be bewildered by the huge assortment of feeders available today. A good place to start shopping is a Web site like, which can direct you to a nearby retailer or online source.

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