Libido Boost For Ladies: Natural Extracts You Can Use vs The Pink Pill

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Well, the buzz is all over the internet.  A new “pink pill” (not to be confused with the older, American product Osphena, the “pink Viagra”) has just been released in the United Kingdom.  Even though it’s a pretty costly product, women everywhere are wondering how they can get their hands on it.  Unfortunately, according to the product’s manufacturer, Holland and Barrett, Lady Prelox is only available for delivery to European countries at the moment.  So, what are all the ladies in the U.S. and other countries to do? That’s what I’m going to tell you about here…

Natural Extracts vs the “New” Pink Pill

Lady Prelox is a brand new lady’s libido boosting product that just came out for sale in the U.K. a few days ago.  It has been research proven to really have an effect on a woman’s libido with a bona fide elevation in their FSFI (female sexual function index).  Yet, there’s really nothing new ingredient-wize in it.  In fact, natural health researchers have known of the libido boosting powers of its natural ingredients for years.  Let me explain…

First of all, Lady Prelox contains 20 mg of pycnogenol, a natural extract harvested from the bark of French Maritime pine trees.  Pycnogenol, also known as pine extract, has been known to have libido/erection-boosting effects on men for some time.  It’s thought to work by strengthening the integrity of vascular walls and promoting better circulation. It does this by boosting the production of nitric oxide.  Better blood supply means better erections.  The same is true for women – better circulation in the pelvis helps boost libido.

Secondly, Lady Prelox contains 200 mg of L-arginine and 200 mg of L-citrulline, two amino acids that have also been used for a while now as natural erection boosters in men. They also help boost circulation.  Rose hip extract, a powerful antioxidant, is also part of the formula. This may have been included to prevent oxidation in the other ingredients.

So, while Lady Prelox is available only in European countries at the moment, taking pycnogenol, L-arginine and L-citrulline together in the same dosages will likely work as well to boost your libido.  But do you really have a problem with your libido? Some people may not be aware of what “normal” sexual function is.  As you get older, it’s much more common and “normal” to have less sexual intercourse, even in married couples.  Having sexual intimacy 3 times a month is about average.  To find out if you really have a libido problem, ask yourself the following questions:

1.  In the past month, how often did you initiate sexual intercourse:  Less than 3 times may signal a decreased libido.

2.  In the past month, how often have you felt the desire for sexual intimacy? A few times or almost never may signal decreased libido.

3.  In the past month, how satisfied have you been with your sex life? Moderately dissatisfied or very dissatisfied indicates a problem.

Other Libido Boosters

Being healthy physically and mentally overall is one of the biggest libido boosters there is.  So, making sure you get enough sleep, exercise, optimal nutrition, have decreased stress levels can all help put you in the mood more.  But you may also want to make use of some other libido boosters in addition to pycnogenol and the amino acids. These include the following:

1.  Maca.  An herb native to Peru, the natives there swear by it as an aphrodisiac. It’s thought to work by increasing general energy levels and reducing stress, increase feelings of well being, somewhat like a mood elevator.   You can buy it at health food stores.

2.  Ginseng.  Also long used in Asian medicine as a libido booster/aphrodisiac, ginseng boosts energy in general.  Also found at health food stores.

3.  Vitamin E.  In older women, vaginal dryness can put a huge damper on libido.  If sex hurts, you’re not likely to want to do it much.  Vitamin E oil helps improve lubrication and is very effective in helping calm the vaginal inflammation that can occur in menopausal and postmenopausal women.  Carlson brand, et al, vaginal suppositories of Vitamin E can be bought at health food stores.

4.  Testosterone.  Low testosterone levels in women post menopause can account for low libido as well.  Ask your gynecologist to test your levels.  If they need boosting, a tiny amount of “T”
works for the ladies for libido the same as it does for men.

So, even though Europe has a new, seemingly successful, libido boosting product, American ladies can also boost their libido by taking the same natural ingredients.  Keep in mind there are other American libido boosting products already on the market that you may want to try like Lyriana, and others that you can find on the internet.

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