Dana Kathryn Jewelry

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At DANA KATHRYN JEWELRY you can expect to find the kind of genuine, unique jewelry that 17 years in the business will accumulate. “Diamond Dana,” as the Gemologist has been called, opened her doors in Studio City, selling fine jewelry as well as uncut rocks like Quartz Crystal, Amethyst and Jade. “I believe stones make you feel better” she says. Stones like Rose Quartz are traditionally used to attract love, while Jade and Aventurine are considered “money stones” by those who believe in the power of gemstones. Not only does Dana have an eclectic collection of jewelry and stones; she has honest prices to boot.

  • Karmamccain

    DO NOT BRING ANY VALUABLE JEWELRY TO THIS WOMAN!!!!!!  i brought in a $1100 ring to be sized that has an authentic roman coin from 336-323 BC, she sized the ring and cleaned it, which you are NEVER supposed do to authentic coins….she ruined the coin so badly that she then had the coin flipped around to make it look better perhaps?!  either way when i spoke to her, she denied all of the above (even though i have all the documentation showing the original ring) and has refused to remedy the situation.  wow the nerve!!!  i am pursuing this in small claims court…we’ll see what happens.  i will update if she takes care of this.