2010 Trends and Forecast

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Fashion Trends & Forecasts for 2010

Hey, ladies and ladies’ men! What is the hottest fashion trends this 2010? Nobody knows exactly but there have been numerous fashion predictions for the year of the tiger. Since blue is the lucky color of the year, many fashion enthusiasts will see more designs and prints playing around the lucky color. Some say that tiger stripes are going to hit the fashion world but there is no proof to that yet. Fashion designers are again thinking of more innovative fashion designs that will surprise the fashionistas. But since people are bracing themselves for more of the unpredictable effects of global warming and the forecasted worse El Nino, fashion experts and designers are coming up with clothes made from cooler fabrics.

Another fashion prediction is that clothing prints and colors will become more extreme such as the use of gold and silver. Gold and silver? Are we preparing for an alien invasion or something? Well, anyway, since it is expected that we will get hotter days this year, the colors white, beige and gray for clothes are expected to be used more. Ladies will see skimpier and really thin, see-through fashion styles as well for the hot weather conditions especially during summer. Women will also drool over more beautiful styles and designs of beach dresses.
Shorts paired with socks and stockings above the knee will become hot fashion trends as many fashion experts predict. Animal, tribal and floral patterns will also become hot favorites this year. Neck ties are going to experience a slump in sales due to fact that even professional will choose to wear more comfortable clothes at work. Ruffled skirts and shorts are also expected to gain popularity this year along with the old-fashion tattered or ripped jeans making a comeback. One fashion expert predicted that the “beggar” look (torn designs of shirt, jackets and pants) is going to be one hot fashion statement among the younger generation this year. Patched jeans and jackets will also go with the trend making that eighties glam rock look alive again. Bon Jovi, Guns and Roses, Poison and other glam rock stars will again re-live their glory days if this fashion prediction will come true.
On footwear fashion, women will still go for flats, clogs and flip flops and men will buy more of those soft “driving” shoes and slim pointed shoes for formal occasions. Most predictions are almost the same –that this year is the year for the rebel and rock-and-roll fashion trends. Ethnic fashion accessories will still continue to evolve but will still be one of saleable this year so says an expert. Cowboy hats with a twist will become popular among all ages and it will even be worn in corporate meetings.
Whatever fashion trends will emerge this year, make sure you purchase those classic and cool designs that won’t easily get outdated. This will help you use such clothes for many seasons helping you save in the process. But if you are the type wants to wear only the latest trends in fashion, better prepare your credit card because you will surely see more exciting fashions this year than last year.

Written by S.E.