Color Yourself GREEN with These Tips

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Jill Kirsh’s clients don’t have to opt for an extreme make-over by a plastic surgeon, they just need to make some color corrections with their wardrobe and make-up choices.

According to Jill, owner of Jill Kirsh Color and hue guru, “The real deal is that everyone can wear every color, it just depends on its hue. The wrong color can result in a friend saying ‘you need a vacation’ while the right color can brighten your appearance so drastically that it looks like you just came back from one! ”

Planning to wear green on St. Patty’s Day or any day for that matter?  Make sure you pick the right green for you. Jill says, “A vast number of my clients say they never wear it or they’re sure they can’t wear it because it only looks good on redheads or they’ve never tried it for fear of making a color faux pas!”

The trick is in knowing all your best hues of that color. The right shade of a certain color will make you look vibrant, alive, thinner and hot! And the wrong shades of the same color can make you look older, washed out, tired and not so hot!

Jill has put together some tips with examples for you to see. The shade of green next to each celeb is the best green for them. You can pick the hair color closest to your own and that green is the one for you.

Whether you’re a Deep Brunette, have Golden Brown or Red hair, are a Warm Blonde or have Ash Blonde or Gray locks, you’ll find all of your best shades of every color in her customized fabric Swatch Book (SEE HOW YOU CAN WIN YOUR OWN PERSONALIZED SWATCHBOOK BELOW). It’s the place to go for all things color!

Have Fun!

Find the perfect colors for you and learn more about Jill Kirsh Color, her make-up and advice at

If you’re a Warm Blonde like Kate Hudson and Reese Witherspoon, then rock the kelly green this St. Patrick’s Day.

If you’re a Deep Brunette like Courtney Cox or Catherine Zeta-Jones, then an emerald green is the way to go.

If you’re an Ash Blonde or have locks of Gray (a la Helen Mirren and Jamie Lee Curtis), then you’ll shine in a minty green.

If you sport Golden Brown tresses or you’re a Redhead (think Amy Adams and Natalie Portman), then olive is the green of choice.


You wouldn’t apply your makeup without a mirror and you’ll never again want to go shopping without Jill’s Swatch Book to choose your perfect colors when shopping in stores or in your closet! And now, if you sign up for (see box at top right), you have a chance to win your very own Supreme Swatch Book.

You will never want to shop without your personalized Swatch Book. This is your guide to always selecting the shades that compliment your hair color to make you look more beautiful, younger and yes thinner!

Jill’s Supreme Swatch Book is a two-sided color spectrum of fabric with all your best shades of every color. This compact “gospel to color” is always with you for even the unexpected shopping moment.

The winner will be announced in April.

JILL KIRSH Is the Guru of Hue

While acting in film, television and theatre in both New York and Los Angeles, Jill Kirsh discovered the key that became the heartbeat of her business – color. Jill’s unique approach to image consulting won her the nickname of “Hollywood’s Guru of Hue.” Creating customized consultations and programs to meet the needs of both corporate and private clients, Jill has consulted with thousands of women (and men!) around the world including Red Carpet celebrities, Grammy winning musicians, actors, news anchors and business leaders.
This vast experience in the entertainment industry gave Jill an extraordinary insight into the winning elements that bring a dynamic first and lasting impression. Jill then founded her own company, The Color Company, providing services that range from one-on-one consultations and couple makeovers to color parties and corporate events. She provides her clients with an easy to use swatch book that takes the “hit or miss” out of shopping. The swatch book is filled with pieces of fabric that define a palette of hues specific for each person. For her female clients, Jill has developed a make-up system that that includes blushes, eye shadows, lipsticks, lip gloss, mascara, eyeliner, lip liner and a set of make-up brushes that allow her clients to enjoy immediate and exceptional results.

Named the “Best Color Consultant” by Los Angeles Magazine’s Best of LA Issue, she has also been featured in numerous publications – including InStyle Magazine, The Los Angeles Times, and Woman’s World Magazine – and television shows — Better TV, The Other Half (NBC), KTLA Morning News, KCAL’s All About You, Smart Solutions (HGTV), Life Moments (NBC), Soap Talk (SOAPNET), and Starting Over (NBC).

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