It Stinks! The Hidden Chemicals in Fragrance

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A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, but this might not be true for your perfume or cologne. Your favorite fragrance could be concocted with hundreds of chemical ingredients, which might make it smell sweet but also make it extremely harmful to your health. The fragrance industry has over 3,100 stock chemicals to make their products, and most of them are kept hidden from the consumer. Due to a loophole in federal law, companies are required to list the ingredients on the product label, but do not have to list the ingredients that make up the fragrance. The word “fragrance” can mean that your favorite perfume or cologne contains secret chemicals that you are not aware of. These secret chemicals have been associated with hormone disruption, allergic reaction, and other serious medical problems.

Laboratory tests commissioned by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and analyzed by Environmental Working Group revealed 38 secret chemicals in 17 name brand fragrance products, including Chanel Coco, Giorgio Armani, Clinique, AXE, Old Spice and Calvin Klein. Not only can these harmful chemicals be absorbed through the skin, they can also be inhaled. Both can cause an accumulation of chemicals in the body, which is a serious health threat.

To find out which of your favorite perfumes or colognes are a risk to your health, visit HYPERLINK “” Skin Deep, a cosmetic database with information provided by the researchers at HYPERLINK “” Environmental Working Group.