Keep your favorite summer clothes looking like new

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8736_B96_rgb5(ARA) – Summer fashion always calls for bright and fun colors. However, those bright summer clothes come at a cost — more maintenance and tricky summertime stains.

Style expert Sam Saboura, from TLC’s “Real Simple. Real Life” and author of “Real Style,” has a few tips to add the hottest new trends for summer to your wardrobe and extend the life of your clothes:

* Take a pair of dark denim jeans from your closet, cuff the bottoms and pair them with embellished sandals and a bright top. To keep your denim looking darker and brighter longer, turn jeans inside out before you wash them, use cold water, add a color booster and stain remover and line-dry.

* Layers add dimension and levels and make you look put together with little effort.

* Slim down your look by combining bright colors with contrasting dark colors. Draw attention to areas you want to play up with bright hues and use darker colors to play down areas you’d prefer not to highlight.

* To keep clothes looking good all season long, pre-treat stains and add a product like Clorox 2 Stain Fighter & Color Booster to your laundry because detergent alone is not enough.