On a budget this holiday season? Luxury gifts you can afford

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9166_B17_rgb5(ARA) – Mom, sister, daughter, wife – they’re all special women in your life and you want to get them luxury gifts this holiday season. You can do luxury without spending the big bucks on beautiful gifts. All it takes is a little creativity and a good eye for quality.

“Pearls bring elegance and beauty to any outfit and also are an affordable jewelry choice,” says Jeremy Shepherd, CEO of PearlParadise.com. “Freshwater pearls are very versatile – they come in a variety of pastel colors so you can match an outfit or skin tone perfectly, and you can look for the perfectly round classic pearls or mix and match some of the more unique and creative shapes.” PearlParadise.com offers pearls up to 80 percent off retail price, and freshwater pearl earrings to complete strands of freshwater pearls start at $22.

Another popular style of pearl is the Tahitian drop pearl – a pear-shaped pearl with no banding around the middle like circle pearls. Every woman – no matter her age or style – should have a beautiful drop Tahitian pearl necklace or earring set to enhance the elegance of her wardrobe. To learn more about Tahitian pearls and see the huge variety of settings and designs, visit PearlParadise.com.