Feed Your Face: Do-It-Yourself Skin Care

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Who needs those chemical-filled body products when you can go out to your own garden or farmers market and whip up some wonderful “food for your skin”? Not only will you save money, but your body will thank you.

Each day we begin our routine by using at least half a dozen to a dozen products (this includes  men, too)—from shampoo to soap to make up to hairspray to moisturizer. Because our skin is porous, it absorbs more than half of what goes onto it and ends up in our bloodstream. Repeated use of all these toxins in products over time may lead to health problems and environmental pollution. Why risk your health, when you can just walk to another aisle, go online, or drive to another store (we all like to shop!) and buy something great for your body?

We exercise, we eat organic food, we recycle—it’s time to feed our skin with the ingredients it needs to keep us looking fresh and healthy because we only have this one body. Let’s make the most of it because it’s never too late!

The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics created a list of DIY recipes for lips, face, acne, hands and feet, body and bath, deodorant, and hair. Grab some girlfriends and have each of them make a  product from a selection of recipes, then swap your all-natural concoctions!

This week we focus on safe, natural skin care that you can make yourself.

Stephanie Tourles is the author of Organic Body Care Recipes, a book full of wonderful recipes to make at home. Not only does she give recipes for skin, hair, and nails, she also provides tips on and treatments for all different skin types, the proper way to store these all natural body products once made, and how to keep you healthy from the inside out. Not only will you want to try all these recipes, but make some and give as gifts to get your friends on the healthy beauty regime bandwagon. Once they know you made it and how simple and healthy it is, they’ll be ready to try it for themselves.

Start out with this Basic Herbal Bath Bag, which takes only 15 minutes to prep.

1 9×9” square of muslin or cheesecloth (or toe of a nylon stocking
2 Tablespoons elder flowers, chamomile flowers, lavender buds, or lemon balm leaves
2 Tablespoons comfrey leaves
2 Tablespoons ground oatmeal
1 Tablespoon blackberry leaves
String or yarn

Place ingredients in the center of the cloth or the toe of the stocking. Gather the material into a loose pouch and tie with a string or yarn long enough to hang from the hot water tap in the tub (the running water will flow through the bag).

This bag has the perfect combination of herbs and oats to soothe even the most sensitive of skin.

Here is a Kiwi Facial Cleanser recipe from the Beauty Loves Nature blog by Megan Porschen, a Los Angeles based makeup artist.

1 Organic Kiwi Fruit
2 Tablespoons of Organic Greek Yogurt (I prefer FAGE, pronounced Fa-hey)
1 Tablespoon of Honey
1 Tablespoon of Almond Oil or Jajoba Oil
1 Teaspoon of Orange Citrus Oil (for a lovely scent)

Blend your Kiwi in a food processor until it looks like baby food. Then add your yogurt, honey, oils and blend again until consistency is thick. Place contents into a glass bowl. with clean hands apply cleanser to a clean face and neck. Massaging in upward motions. Leave on for as long as desired. Then rinse clean with tepid water. Dab your face with a soft clean absorbable cloth and enjoy your refreshed skin.

The actinidin enzyme in the kiwi’s flesh gently exfoliates your skin leaving it healthy and feeling fresh.

Stay tuned next week for a “safe list” of skin care products you can buy ready-made.

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