Clorox Comes Clean with Fragrance Ingredients

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Clorox has taken an unheard of step by officially  releasing a list of the fragrance ingredients in their various products. The list can be found on their website and you can click on specific products and find the link to the fragrance ingredients to find out what is listed in each one. Hopefully you’ll have some time to kill, it’s quite a long list.

Clorox uses 1,219 different fragrance ingredients. That’s fully 38.5 percent of all ingredients approved by the International Fragrance Association. The company no longer mentions polycyclic musks on the list of chemicals it never uses because the company — unfortunately — reneged on its promise to phase them out. Its just-released list of fragrance ingredients includes two of them, Galaxolide and Tonalide. Both have been linked to hormone disruption and breaking down cellular defenses against other toxic exposures. Research has also shown that these chemicals accumulate in people’s bodies and turn up in blood and breast milk.

A third musk compound with potential for hormone disruption and cell damage is also on Clorox’s list of approved fragrance ingredients: musk ketone. High blood levels of musk ketone in women may be associated with gynecological abnormalities, including mild insufficiency of the ovaries and compromised fertility.

The Clorox fragrance list includes a few other troubling ingredients:

  • Acetaldehyde – a possible human carcinogen, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • Oxybenzone – a hormone-disrupting chemical commonly used in sunscreens that has been detected in the bodies of 97 percent of Americans and is linked to low birth weight in baby girls
  • Phenol and Benzyl Alcohol – both neurotoxins
  • Triethanolamine – a chemical that can cause asthma to develop in otherwise healthy individuals.

Looks as if Clorox just gave us 1,219 more reasons to buy fragrance-free cleaning and beauty products. White Rabbits Beauty is a great site to find an entire collection of fragrance free products. You can also search for products using the cosmetic database on the Enviornmental Working Group’s site.

For green cleaning supplies, check out Seventh Generation or if you can’t quite tear yourself away from Clorox products, the company has developed it’s own line of green cleaners that can be found here.

It’s good to have a broader knowledge of the ingredients that are listed in the products, but a real change won’t happen until you start avoiding them. Avoid fragrances, check the labels and shop smartly.

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