Great Vacations Can Take Place Close To Home

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Whether you have children or you are taking a week away as a couple, the first thing to do is to decide your budget and distance. Once you have done this, take a trip to your local information centre and pick up as many leaflets and brochures as you can. Also check online particularly council websites and local ‘What’s On’ guides for even more ideas. As residents of a town or county we can often miss out on some fantastic things to do and taking a vacation near to home can give you the chance to be a tourist without spending tourist prices!

To make you feel even more in the holiday spirit why not consider hiring a camper van for your travels. Not only is this something completely different to most people’s everyday experience, but it can be an exciting and cheaper alternative to get to multiple locations, allowing you to see as much as possible on your holiday.

If you live in the city why not focus on exploring the countryside by walking, cycling, riding or even sailing nearby and letting your adventurous side get out and about? If you live in the country allow yourself a chance to visit the cities nearby that you have always wanted to know the history of, or visit the restaurant or bar you have been meaning to get to since it opened. Whatever you normally do and whatever lifestyle you normally have, to truly get that holiday from home feel try to do things out of the ordinary for you.

The key to a successful vacation close to home is to put aside how close you are to home and really get the feel for the area again with ‘new eyes’. Take a picnic to the beach or park, walk along the seafront or on the hills, make the most of not being at work in the day by doing something you could never normally do. You’ll soon appreciate your vacation time for the relaxing and invigorating experience it is by just looking a little closer than normal.

By: David Enfield

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