Make Room For Fun In Your Busy Life – Join A Meetup Group!

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If you’re over 50, you’ve likely got a zillion things to do every day, every week, from working at your job, maybe running the business you own, maybe taking care of elderly parents, or kids, trying to keep your house and yard together (those fall leaves are creating even more work!), and trying to keep yourself fit and healthy around all of it.  But, are you having any fun?

How often do you get out with friends to just have some lighthearted fun? Like, maybe go on a walking tour, a bus/shopping trip, with your gal pals, or fishing, hiking, rock climbing, with some buddies? How about a canoe paddle in the moonlight on a nearby lake or river? Never you say? Well, there’s a very cool organization out there called that aims to take “never done things” out of your vocabulary and replace them with “fun things done frequently”. is a nationwide “people connector” all across the United States that facilitates people of all ages getting together into whatever kind of activity group that appeals to them.  They can also just start their own group and ask others to join.  It’s about people meeting other people, doing fun, enjoyable, interesting things – whether your interests are health and fitness related, arts oriented, sports minded, or whatever, there’s a Meetup group for you.

And for people over-50, who may be relocating for whatever reason, or just find themselves in new “single” straits, from divorce or death, Meetup groups are a great way to get out socially and meet new people.  They can even just add some new fun to old “in a rut” friendships or relationships by joining a group you’d like to know more about with your friends or spouse.

To join a Meetup group, you simply go to, put in your city, and a category list of groups comes up.  You click on one and see what’s available in your city or within nearby driving distance to you. The range of groups is amazing and more often you’ll find yourself at a quandary of which to join first.  Best of all, they’re right in your local community as well as nearby communities so you don’t have to travel that far to start doing some new things.

Here are a few examples of fun and interesting Meetup groups from around the country:

1.  Southeastern Michigan.  Michigan Adventurers Club! This group goes kayaking, canoeing, and exploring the wilderness, camping, hiking, rock climbing, yoga, and more.

2.  Washington D.CSingle Washingtonians 40 and Up! This group meets for wine, interesting talks on politics, literature, the arts, philosophy, etc.  They attend art exhibits, film festivals/movies, concerts, in and around Metro D.C. area.

3.  Austin, Texas.  Boomer Time! For people born between 1946 and 1964 who refuse to get old, this group meets to experience the night life around Austin, self-improvement, health and wellness events, dining out, and whatever else strikes their fancy!

4.  Denver, Colorado.   Baby Boomers Social Club!  This group share like interests, hobbies, dance to old school Boomer music, outdoor activities, talk, drink wine, coffee, etc, just hang out with each other making new social connections and having fun.

5.  Sacramento, CA.  Sacramento Sierra Club! A long-established “Sierra Club” adventure group that gets together for things like hiking, kayaking, skiing, biking, camping, potluck dinners, slideshows, service trips and much more.

6.  Mt.  Prospect, IL.  Baby Boomers Back In the Game!  This group caters to older people for, as their ad says, “fun, fun and more fun! Dancing and drinking required. YOU are young at heart, so join us and other baby boomers who want to dance, socialize, have fun and make new friends.”

So, if you’re a Boomer longing for social stimulation and just plain fun with people your own age and interests, find something entirely new and exciting to do in a Meetup group.  As one of the groups succinctly put it, “We only live once, but if we live right, once is enough!”

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Dr. Mark A. Rosenberg, MD
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