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  • Zoey

    Should I go see “up in the air” ? Is it going to ruin the book experience?

  • Mary

    Wouldn’t miss it!

  • Jane

    Haven’t had a chance to see it – but I hear great things. So why not?

  • Penny

    In response to “up in the air” – you hear the name
    George and you can’t not go see George. But
    I did just finish watching “the hangover”
    and that i loved!

  • Leslie

    The Hangover was hilarious. As for ” up in air”
    I think I’ll read the book.

  • Sally

    Up in the Air had a very deceptive trailer but George Clooney is always worth the time!

  • Cynthia

    It’s worth seeing Up in the Air if you love George Clooney.