Women Over 40

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Most women over 40 are dealing with more stress than ever before in their lives; their children are usually no longer babies but are now teenagers, their parents are getting older, and their marriages may have lost some luster. They may also be feeling stress at work and may be dealing with the physical problems that are common for those who are at this particular age.With all that stress comes some compensation, however. Those women over 40 typically also have some wisdom needed to deal with those issues and they may have more confidence in how they approach their career, relationships, and so on. Being able to put things in perspective is one very good way of dealing with these stresses, and women over 40 usually have much better perspective than ever before.Here are some quick but important tips for dealing with these things, and no doubt all women over 40 will benefit from these tips no matter their individual circumstances.

Get organized and stay organized.

How organized are you? It’s imperative that women over 40 be organized and stay organized, since they are dealing with so many responsibilities like never before. Set aside a weekend to clean out your house top to bottom if this is what’s needed; make a point of getting rid of unnecessary items that keep you disorganized. Don’t tell yourself you need things “just in case,” and don’t think you just need to throw things away either. Donate items to charities so you can feel good about getting rid of things, but remember that clutter creates stress especially for women over 40 who need their space.Being organized also means being organized for your schedule, something else that’s important for women over 40. Resist the urge to stay up late if this isn’t part of your schedule, and make definite plans of when you’ll take care of errands and other responsibilities. Work in some “fun time” to that schedule, and stick to it. Putting off something now just means you’ll need to take care of it later, and this may also mean more stress, something that women over 40 don’t need.

Enlisting help.

One advantage that women over 40 have that other women don’t is that they may have more help available to them than ever before. You may not think this, but if your children are older then it’s time they have regular chores around the house. If you’re settled in your career or have a steady income between you and another adult in the home, consider hiring help. A monthly cleaning service to tackle the heavy jobs or someone to cut the grass every week can mean more time for yourself, something women over 40 desperately need.You don’t need to hire expensive professionals to get help; neighborhood kids can do work for money as can your own children. Most women over 40 have help available to them, it’s just a matter of actually enlisting that help!